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Hi, I’m Tanja, founder of Frog In A Teacup. I am a proud mother to 3 daughters who inspire me daily to create a better world any way I can.

When my daughter started kindy, I calculated how much cling film I could potentially use during her educational years for all the ‘millions’ of lunches I would need to pack. This astounding waste of time, money, and single-use plastic rubbish needed an alternative so the kitchen wraps I had made turned into Lunchbox Sets and Frog In A Teacup was born.

My goal is to assist parents and teachers instill sustainable practices into our youth whilst reducing waste and saving money in a family-friendly fun way. I make all the wraps in Brisbane by hand and with love. I named Frog In A Teacup after 2 of my favourite things, Australian Red-eyed tree frogs and tea (Strong, Sweet & Creamy thanks!) My passion for simple living and sustainability drives me to ramble to all and sundry about the benefits of this beautiful lifestyle. If this is you, please say introduce yourself at [email protected] or facebook.com/froginateacup💚🐸☕

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